How to Make Money without Leveling in Skyrim

If you want to try such a thing as making money without leveling in Skyrim, there ways to do so, though it can be quite tiresome sometimes. You might also want to do it early in the game.

How to Make Money without Leveling in Skyrim

Ways to Make Money

  • You can pick up various vegetables at some of the farms – it is quite easy, but boring as well.
  • There are a few fetch quests, where you can take something from one person and bring it to another one.
  • There is another good way: go to Markarth and talk to Pavo there (you will find him at the Left Hand Mine, right outside of Markarth). He will ask you to clear the Kolskeggr Mine (you should better do it before you get level 5). You will find gold nuggets in the mine, which you can then sell to Pavo. Doing so you will be able to get around 5000 gold.
  • The best way to earn money without leveling is to chop wood since there is no limit to the amount you can sell. In Whiterun, chop wood in front of the inn, and sell it to the lady there. If you go anywhere else, you will have to hobble a bit and the NPCs who buy the wood move around a lot.
  • You can also collect alchemy ingredients ans sell them; the same is true for catching and selling fish.
  • And lastly, there is a glitch. Rinse the chest with the trader at the Dawnstar. Quick save, attack, then reload. You should get 750 gold every time. Repeat this about 5 or 6 times and you’re set.

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