How to Start a Crusade in Crusader Kings 3

We’re going to share with you how to start a Crusade in Crusader Kings 3, and whether it is even worthwhile at all. Religious wars were probably the most pointless, but nonetheless they had their place in history.

How to Start a Crusade in Crusader Kings 3

How to Start a Crusade in Crusader Kings 3

The Crusades will only start with the advent of the 10th century, just as it did in the real world. If and when an opportunity presents itself, you’ll be invited to participate and will need to decide whether to send troops or not. Once you accept, you will receive a separate window with a countdown to the beginning of the Great Crusade. You will have time to assemble your armies. When you are ready, send your army into the Holy Land.

When you choose Paganism as your main faith, you will be able to start your own Religious War. To do this, you need to disband your faith and become its leader. In this case, you will be able to choose the principles by which you can launch a Crusade, including inciting war, fighting, armed pilgrimage, etc. If at least one of these principles becomes available, you can launch the Crusade.

Is it worth participating in the Crusade?

You don’t need to provide troops for the cause, but it is a good idea to provide gold – at the very least, to avoid becoming a target of the crusade. Moreover, if the cause you have supported wins, you will also receive land and many other items obtained as war trophies.

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