Dying Light 2 – The Deserter Quest Guide

Dying Light 2 - The Deserter Quest Guide

We’re talking about a side quest in Dying Light 2, where players have to find a character named Bart, who escaped from the Peacekeepers along with valuable information. The following is a walkthrough for this quest and tells you where to find Bart.

How to get the “Deserter” quest?

To get this quest, you first need to complete the “Broadcast” quest, which relates to the main storyline of the game. Having done this, follow it to the Peacekeeper base located on Miffy’s ship. There you need to find the bulletin board and use it.

How to get the "Deserter" quest?

After that chat with Meyer, and ask her about the details of the case. Now you can proceed directly to the quest.

The “Deserter” Quest Walkthrough

First, you should perform a secondary task – talk to Mateo, who will tell you some things about Bart. After that, follow upstairs and find Garrett, with whom you also need to talk. You can also go talk to Magda, who is in the Sickbay. This way we can learn a lot about Bart and go through the optional part of the quest.

Now go to Bart’s barracks and take a look around. On Bart’s bed, you may notice Liam’s drawing #1 – look for it under the mattress upstairs.

The "Deserter" Quest Walkthrough

Then go to the janitor nearby and talk to him, which will give us even more information about the character we’re looking for. Now we’ll have a new lead to go to Stach.

The character in question is located at a place called Fisheye, which is in New Dawn Park. Once there, go to the second floor and talk to a character named Stach.

After that, you need to head to the area shown in the images below. There, find the right worker in the field and ask him about the information you are interested in.

Now head to one of the apartments that is next to the workers. Climb upstairs to find the note on the floor as well as Liam’s drawing #5.

Liam's drawing #5

Follow to the bedroom to find papers in one of the corners of this room. Among them are drawings of Liam #3 and #4. Also, examine the card that will be lying on the bed. That way you can get the Joker’s card, which is Steve’s calling card. After that, go to Clint and talk to him. You will have a choice: to tell everything as it is, or to silence the information. The first option is responsible for telling the information, while the lower option is necessary for keeping silent:

  • Something. Do you know Steve?
  • Nothing.

If you chose the upper option, you can immediately go to the bar, where there will be an opportunity to interrogate Steve. If, however, you chose the lower silent option, you’ll have to wait for Stach to call and tell you about Steve. He will also share information about Steve coming to the bar. In some cases, this call doesn’t work – reload the save via the game’s main menu to fix this problem.

Either way, we will need to go to Steve to interrogate him.

To do this, go to Fisheye and find the right character there. You can get the information you want in one of two ways:

  • Threaten Clint.
  • Offer an exchange.

If you choose the upper option, Steve will immediately tell you everything. If you choose the exchange, you will have to go on stage and read out a rap.

After getting information with any of the above options, you’ll have to go to the coffee shop on Harrison Boulevard – it’s marked in the images below. There you will have to find the infected man, and investigate the weapons he has with him.

Then head west to continue your search for Bart. Soon you’ll come out to a locked structure with Liam’s drawing #2 next to it.

Liam's drawing #2

After that, head back to the coffee shop and make your way upstairs, which will give you access to the closed building, the entrance to which is upstairs.

access to the closed building

Climb inside and use the door to start a conversation with the following options:

  • Agree to help.
  • Refuse to help.

If you agree to help, Bart, Andy and Liam will live, but you will have to finish off Clint. If you do, you can take Bart’s token and the map, which should be given to Meyer.

If you refuse to help, you’ll have to kill Bart. Andy will give you the token and the map.

Either way, bounty hunters will appear and you have to deal with them. If you’ve helped Bart, you’ll probably have a fight waiting for you. Otherwise, you will be able to choose one of the following options:

  • I’ll take the map away. Let them go.
  • Refuse to work with Clint and his men.

If you choose the lower option, you will also have to defeat the bounty hunters.

After that, go back to Missy and report your progress to Meyer. You will be faced with a choice:

  • Give up the map.
  • Keep the map.

If you choose the second option and keep the map, you can get an additional treasure hunt quest. Either way, you will be rewarded for your quest.

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