Genshin Impact – Misty Dungeon Event Guide

In this event, players form groups of predefined characters and journey into a special dungeon. There, they’ll complete several tests and at the end, go through a boss fight. The reward will be various materials, as well as source stones.

Genshin Impact - Misty Dungeon Event Guide

How to take part in the event

This event is recurring, which means that it becomes available on specific dates. In the current patch, it will run from December 17 to 27, 2021. To participate in the event, your account must have Adventure Rank 20 or higher.

With a 20+ adventure rank, just open the Events tab and find the current event there. You can also go to the dungeon from this menu.

Getting through the Misty Dungeon

In the current version of the event, you have 7 challenges to complete. At the beginning only 2 of them will be available, and new challenges will be unlocked every 2 days.

Once you’ve activated the 3 key runes, you can proceed to the final arena. But first, you must find the special runes. After activating them, there will be an enemy battle for you to face. You must defeat them all to continue.

Getting through the Misty Dungeon in Genshin Impact

In these trials, you can only use heroes from a predefined list, which varies from challenge to challenge. You cannot use your own heroes. As a rule, each challenge provides the heroes that you can use to do the quests with rewards.

By the way, there are other features of these dungeons, namely:

  • Elemental resonances do not work in challenges.
  • Characters in this challenge will have the same constellations as characters in your collection. This means that if you have Xing Qiu with six constellations, the trial version of Xing Qiu will also have six constellations.

This event is a great opportunity to try out characters you don’t already have. However, you should check in advance what challenges you will need to complete, so you can choose your heroes accordingly.

In addition to the main challenges, you will also be able to encounter additional mechanics. One of them, for example, can resurrect all the heroes in your group, and a loot-type challenge, which we’ll talk about below, enhances the main reaction of the challenge. For the first challenge, you need to perform the Charged reaction, and for the second one, you need to perform the Frozen reaction. You will also be attacked by trap mechanisms which you need to turn off with the opposite element. For example, the red trap is considered Pyro, and Hydro is effective against it.

Next, let’s look at all the challenges in more detail.

Electroshock Challenge

You can familiarize yourself with the set of characters and opponents of the first challenge in the images above. You’ll have to form a group that can easily deal with these enemies. All of the characters in this set are pretty good, but Tartaglia and Raiden are particularly strong. They can be joined by Sarah and Barbara, for example.

To get primogems in this challenge, you need to perform Charged reactions a fair number of times, so we recommend focusing on a combination of Hydro and Electro characters.

To collect all the rewards from this level, you need to perform the Charged reaction 20 times.

Frost Challenge

As in the previous challenge, Mona and Ayaka, as 5-star characters, will be the perfect core of your party. Dione can act as a healer, and for additional damage, you can take Keiya or Xing Qiu.

This time the emphasis will be on Frozen reaction, so the Cryo heroes are the most important for the primogems task. You will have to freeze enemies a total of 20 times.

By the way, enemies with shields cannot be frozen, so we recommend that you destroy their shield first so that you can freeze them. Let’s remind that Pyro Fatui Shield is knocked down by Hydro damage, and Electro Fatui shield – by Cryo damage.

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