The Best Way to Farm Gold in Chaos Chronicles

The Best Way to Farm Gold in Chaos Chronicles

In almost every game you can use resources to make a good living – to upgrade your heroes and their abilities, to get useful items and to reach new levels. Chaos Chronicles is no exception: you can use gold to improve your characters’ skills, craft items or do some shopping in the store. Needless to say, there are a lot of resources in the game, but gold is the main expendable material.

So go ahead! Let’s talk about how to get this valuable resource for the game.

The best way to mine gold in Chaos Chronicles

Of course you can drop a coin and immediately get the desired amount of gold, but we’ll look at the ways you can get it directly in the game.

You can find a lot of resources, loot and other rewards in the Dark Tower, but it comes with a price: you need to be level 40 and have more or less leveled up heroes. And where can you get gold? Read on.

More ways to farm gold in Chaos Chronicles


This is one of the most accessible modes and opens almost immediately. It can provide you with a lot of gold and additional perks for your hero.

Selling Soulstones and Resources

If you’re smart about it, you can earn some extra gold by selling these items. The key is to decide ahead of time which heroes you want to use and which you can sell.


The arena is a place where you can obtain items needed for your team’s leveling up. Every time you win a fight you earn special arena coins, which can be exchanged for items.

Complete various tasks

Even if you don’t become the richest by completing them, any gold you get is helpful when you’re starting out. Quests and events are always replenishing as well, so you can always get some gold.

Here we have learned the best ways to mine gold in the game. Which one do you use?

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