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How to Get Grappling Hook in Halo Infinite

How to Get Grappling Hook in Halo Infinite Guide

Gamers love Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer, which was launched before launch. Players can use a grappling hook to move across buildings and towards enemies in this game. In this guide, we will show you how to get the grappling hook which isn’t included in the loadout when you spawn.

There is a specific place on the map where players can find grappling hooks, like new weapons or grenades. Usually, players will find them in the middle of the map, but there will be plenty of competition for them.

Players will be able to use the Grappling Hook three times after picking it up, as well as chop the rope mid-flight by pressing the jump button, allowing players a wider range of options.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Best Weapons

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Best Weapons

Microsoft released this game to celebrate Xbox’s 20th anniversary. The multiplayer is great and a refreshing change after playing Warzone for so long. While it can be challenging, knowing which weapons work best in Halo Infinite will make you the best in the game.

VK78 Commando

When it comes to the best assault rifle, the most obvious choice would be the VK78 Commando. Those who prefer rapid-fire, fully automatic rifles would find this one appealing. It is capable of good damage and provides great accuracy.

BR75 Battle Rifle

Although the BR75 is not ideal for first-timers, it is still a great weapon if you are used to burst-fire weapons. If you aren’t, it is not difficult to adjust to as it is a high-caliber weapon with high accuracy and high damage.


You can execute some legendary trick shots with the SRS99-S7 AM sniper rifle in Halo Infinite. It is a very accurate and powerful weapon.

Gravity Hammer

With the Gravity Hammer, the players can land one-shot kills with ease. It is the perfect weapon for flanking and surprising your enemies.

Halo Infinite Ranked System

The game features a ranked system identical to most shooter games of the day. There are 6 sub-ranks in each rank, and you have to grind and climb to get to the next one. The lowest rank is Bronze, and there are six levels of success.

As you progress through Halo Infinite’s six ranks, you earn points for your victories. This helps you earn new levels and, ultimately, new ranks.

From Bronze to Diamond, players have to grind their way up to Onyx, the top of the top ranks. The top rank is reached here and the players battle to be the number one.

Getting into the ranked system involves playing at least 10 matches to attain a ranking based on their performance in each match. Once you have been ranked, you must then grind your way to the top.

How to Ping and Mark Enemies in Halo Infinite

Marking and pinging are effective ways to communicate with your team. Marking prevents flanks from occurring or advises players to push one way or another. Ping acts like a signal sent out to the whole team.

The d-pad can be used to mark items, locations, or enemies when you’re on PC. Marking an item, location, or enemy is as easy as pressing ‘X’ on PC or ‘R’ on Xbox.

In addition, pings make communication among your team members easier even when you use voice chat. If a location is too far away to ping, you can open the map and ping from there. This is also helpful when any one of your teammates does not know the name of the location.

A ping will also appear in the bottom left corner of the screen if an enemy is marked, such as if your friends have used a ‘X’ or ‘Y’ icon to indicate their position on the map.

How to Get Yoroi Samurai Armor in Halo Infinite

How to Get Yoroi Samurai Armor in Halo Infinite

All the items in the game can be unlocked by playing the game and progressing through it, or by purchasing them with real money. Yoroi Samurai Armor is available as part of the launch of the new season.

Players can obtain the Yoroi Samurai Armor in Halo Infinite as a free collectible by participating in the new season “Heroes of Reach,” which will feature different challenges of varying difficulties.

There is so much to do in the game that you will never get bored. You can play with your friends in cross-play and grind through different levels.

How to Fix User Banned Error in Halo Infinite

While we do not know what causes the User Banned error, there are a couple of workarounds to make it work.

Halo Infinite User Banned Error

This error is hard to fix because we don’t know what causes it. Some players have reported that restarting the game client or internet device can resolve this issue. Other than this, there is no definitive fix. If you get this error every time, you should close the game and try again.

How to Use the Ghost in Halo Infinite Multiplayer

How to Use the Ghost in Halo Infinite Multiplayer

The game features Ghosts that players can ride to accomplish objectives. In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about how to ride Ghosts. Ghosts have been part of Halo games for decades and are back in Halo Infinite.

You can use a Ghost by holding X for two seconds, and then by holding LT for one second to boost, and then using a plasma cannon on their wings to deal significant damage to enemies.

Despite their low health, Ghosts are fun to play with, but you can’t rely on them long-term.

How to Fast Travel in Halo Infinite

We will take you through how to unlock fast travel, which isn’t unlocked from the start of the game.

Unlock and Use Fast Travel

You can fast travel to banished-controlled areas in the game by completing the game’s opening missions and getting to Zeta Halo. You must then capture the banished-controlled FOBs once you arrive there.

How to Fast Travel

Fast travel in the game involves opening the map and then selecting a FOB. After the game loads, you are dropped to that FOB.

How to Disable Energy Shield Doors in Halo Infinite

This guide explains how to destroy the Energy Shield Doors, so that you can access the rewards on the other side. As you progress through the campaign of Halo Infinite, you will encounter doors that have items hidden behind them. Shooting these doors is useless.

Disabling Energy Shield Doors

By pressing the D-pad (Ordnance ability), the power source can be destroyed in order to disable the shield doors. That will turn the power line yellow and bring down the shield doors.

Once you have found the power source, you just need to shoot it, and the door will be disabled. A power source is often located nearby. With that out of the way, you can head back and claim the rewards.

Power sources may sometimes be located behind energy shield doors, so you will need to find another way in if that is the case.

How to Beat Bassus Boss in Halo Infinite

How to Beat Bassus Boss in Halo Infinite

Bassus is the toughest opponent to beat early on in the game, as he uses a Gravity Hammer, which can be devastating in a confined space. There are also a few bosses that you must beat in order to progress.

Beating Bassus

You can pick up sticky grenades and a Pulse Carbine from the rack next to the button that stops the mining drill. At the end of the corridor, you will find an RPG that is near a collectible. Grab it, as it will be useful against the boss.

You can avoid taking damage when the boss is charging at you by using the grappling hook on the ceiling or behind him. You can also get in a few shots at the boss while you swing out of the way. This boss will constantly charge at you and use his hammer to deal damage. This can cause a lot of damage, so you should grab onto the grapple hook if you want to avoid this.

With the Pulse Carbine, you can destroy the boss’ shield and use the Sticky Grenades to deal additional damage. Once he is vulnerable, use the Rocket Launcher to destroy him.

How to Get Abbey Lime Weapon Coating in Halo Infinite

Our guide will show you how to unlock the Abbey Lime skin on Xbox One and PC. It is one of the most desired skins. Players can take advantage of a wide variety of customization options.

How to Get Abbey Lime Weapon Skin

As part of the weekly challenges in Halo Infinite, you can unlock the Abbey Lime skin for your S7 Sniper Rifle. It looks nice and clean for the exclusive S7 sniper skin.

This skin is available only after completing these challenges. It does not matter if this week’s challenges are completed or next week’s. Each challenge can be found in the challenges section. The week begins on Tuesday and ends on Tuesday next week.

If you have completed all weekly challenges, then you will have Abbey Lime in your coatings section. You can now equip it and take out your opponents in multiplayer. You simply need to complete all of the weekly challenges.

How to Beat Termonius in Halo Infinite: Boss Fight Guide

How to Beat Termonius in Halo Infinite

You will encounter Termonius in the second mission titled “Foundations”. He is a challenging boss that requires strategy to beat.

Termonius Boss Fight

You can only sprint away from Termonius or jump to avoid its annoying attack. If you maintain distance between yourself and Termonius, you won’t be hit as much.

Termonius transforms into a fire ball and throws himself onto you. This attack only can be avoided if you use a grappling hook. During the time he jumps into the air, you need to pick a place where you want to grapple.

The moment Termonius lands, he will be vulnerable – this allows you to wreak havoc on him. Keep in mind that his shield and health can slowly be regenerated, so you should deal maximum damage to him.

As soon as you see the opening, the player must use all their force, including both weapons, in order to destroy the shield. We recommend using one full clip of the primary weapon to eliminate the shield, and then use the secondary weapon to damage his health. You will inflict maximum damage within the shortest period while not having to worry about reloading.

How to Beat Chak ‘Lok in Halo Infinite: Boss Fight Guide

How to Beat Chak ‘Lok in Halo Infinite

Chak ‘Lok is one of the first bosses you will face in the game. He has cloaking abilities and an aggressive fighting style, making him challenging to defeat. You should make sure you are properly equipped before taking on this fight.

Chak ‘Lok Boss Fight

Using Shock Coils will stun him temporarily, Threat Sensors will reveal where Chak ‘Lok is when he is cloaked, and you can use grapple shots to reveal his location. To destroy his shield, pulse grenades can be used.

In a similar way to dealing with Termonius, you should evade Chak ‘Lok’s attacks by using Grapplehsot. Watch out for when he pulls out his sword and comes close to you to do damage.

Upon starting the fight, the first thing you need to do is deploy your threat sensors. Press “1” on your keyboard to select threat sensors. In the event that Chak ‘Lok is detected far away from you, you will need to use your Grappleshot to go up close to him if the threat sensors detect him. After that, it will be all your pulse weapons and explosive charges.

Chak ‘Lok can be stunned by shooting the blue coils on the walls in the room when he is near any of them. He would then be vulnerable to your attacks while he is stunned. You should use explosives and pulse weapons to deal maximum damage.

The goal in this fight is to use kinetic weapons, pulse weapons, and Threat Sensor to end the fight quickly. Be mechanically prepared to win, and be sure to switch between Threat Sensor and Grappleshot as often as possible. If you’ve lowered his shields, you probably lowered all of them, so keep hitting him.

How To Fix The BTB Not Working Issue in Halo Infinite

The BTB mode is a Team VS Team game with the largest possible team size. 12 players from a Team battle against another 12 to determine who will win. As with the game’s other issues, there are problems with BTB mode as well. By the way, you can see the available modes here.

The BTB does not work despite multiple patch updates. Players cannot join a game and are stuck in a never-ending cycle of reconnecting and failing to join. Here’s how to solve the Xbox One game’s BTB issue.

BTB Not Working has been plaguing the community for some time. Even the number of players in a BTB Lobby has been decreased from 12v12 to 10v10. In such circumstances, your only options are those listed below. 343 Industries attempted to solve this problem, but was unsuccessful. The game’s servers cannot handle the increased traffic.

There will only be a lasting solution if developers fix this issue. Until then, you’ll have to keep trying. Try to get into matchmaking if you’re a solo player. Then, restart the game if you’re still having trouble. This strategy may help with matchmaking and network issues, but it won’t fix them completely.

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