Rimworld Ideology Guide

Rimworld Ideology Guide

Ideologies in Rimworld is an addition to the game, a flexible system of beliefs and faiths. With it you can choose gods, rituals and even totem animals.

In this post, we will take a look at the main points of this add-on.

Ideologies in Rimworld

Developers wrote that the main purpose of the add-on – to expand the ability to play different roles. Therefore, with ideologies, players can let their imagination fly free. And below we will tell you why.

The main thing about ideologies is to create a system of beliefs or faiths in the colony. As the developers say, you can play, for example, “cannibals who worship trees and carve skulls on all the furniture, transhumanists, techno-ravers, cowboys.

That is, it is clear that there is no framework here. You can take a ready-made ideology or you can create your own. If you create everything from scratch, the advantage is that you can customize every moment. This includes precepts, rituals, social roles, and totem animals and weapons. Of course, there is also culture, style, unique buildings and even tattoos, clothes, gods.

Next, you can assign special roles to your characters that give them unique abilities. Your ideology will determine their social roles. They can call for rituals ranging from light festivals to brutal sacrifices. They also determine preferences related to food, comfort, love, technology, and violence. Well, and they worship certain animals, desire different clothing, and give access to buildings and strategies.

Who will it be? Nudist cannibal pirates, blind underground molehills, or car-obsessed cowboys. It all depends on your imagination.

And for all the details and possibilities, get into the game, explore and create your own story!

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