How to Get and Install New Camouflages in War Thunder

How to Get and Install New Camouflages in War Thunder

Here we’ll tell you how to get new camouflages and how to install them on your War Thunder vehicles if you are tired of the standard look of your vehicles.

How to get camouflage in War Thunder

To get a camo for the game, you just need to go to the official website of the game and in the relevant section download the desired camouflage.

They come in two types: Aviation camouflage and Ground vehicles camouflage. The latter in turn is divided into the repeating camo and fixed camo.

How to get camouflage in War Thunder

After downloading the desired skin, place it in the game’ s system folder as an additional mod.

How to install your new camouflage

To install it on your vehicle, first choose the vehicle for which you want to have the new skin. Then simply move the downloaded file to the folder of the selected vehicle. Your path will look like this: War Thunder → UserSkins → name of your file. After that the new camouflage should appear on the selected vehicle.

Alternatively, you can create your own camouflage. To do this, change the already downloaded file to your liking in any graphics editor, save the archive and place it in your game folder. Installation is exactly the same as the previous one with the downloaded skin.

As you can see everything is very simple. Download, install and play the game using your favorite skins.

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