New World: Best Armor for Fire Staff

New World: Best Armor for Fire Staff

Is the Fire Staff good in New World?

Based on our experience with the new MMO game, we have concluded that magic weapons, such as the Fire Staff, are among the best New World weapons in the game right now, especially for DPS players.

Fire Staff and Ice Gauntlet Build

For maximum damage with the Fire Staff, wear light armor and focus on intelligence. Intelligence gems are a great boost to your fire and burn damage. Keep an eye out for items that enhance your burn debuff.

You can also choose from heavy or medium armor, which provides durability and other buffs to the Fire Staff in addition to bolstering your Constitution.

It’s also good to have constitution, since you will take some damage, and you don’t want to die. I suggest 50 or so for consumable healing effectiveness, but more won’t harm, especially if you wear Light Armor.

Light Armor has extra damage and mobility, so you’ll probably want to use that instead of any other type of Armor. Light is the best choice if you have good dodge timing, but Medium or Heavy may be best if you have high ping. Remember, you can use a Medium Chest piece when all your other pieces are Light.

There are Armor pieces with Intelligence and Constitution on them, and currently the Resilience Perk actually reduces all damage you take. That would make it the ideal Perk for each piece. Diamonds help with Damage Absorption, so use them if you can.

Fire Staff and Rapier

Fire Staff and Rapier Build New World

When combined with Light Armor mobility boosts, Evade is your main option for avoiding taking damage. Make sure you max out this tree.

While you’ll need to invest extra points into Dexterity to gain additional critical chance at certain point thresholds, this build prioritizes scaling Intelligence as much as possible. Light or medium armor work well here. Light is good for endgame PvE, but if you play PvP or find you die too often in endgame, you might want to switch to medium armor.

Fire Staff And Musket Build

With Intelligence scaling your hard-hitting abilities you will be able to hit harder with your Fire Staff. You may also consider applying an Intelligence-boosting gem, such as Topaz or Amethyst, if you want your Musket to hit even harder. Armor of either light or medium quality works well, light being best for DPS and medium for PvP or content where you will be taking a lot of damage.

Empowering Fireball and Siphoning Incinerate are both useful Armor Perks. Siphoning Incinerate can make it far more probable that you are beyond the threshold for Clear Mind when casting Fireball, while Empowering Fireball boosts your potential burst.

The set can’t weigh more than 13kg to keep the light armor bonus. Notice that some items labelled “medium” are actually light (the weight and stats are identical to those of a light item). I may be wrong, but wearing only medium chest armor is the same in terms of defense as wearing two light items.

Armor for a mage

It’s a good idea to use a mix of heavy and medium armor for your mage gear. You may want to get an overall Equip Load of “Medium” for the increased damage and debuff duration. The play-style you choose here is determined by your preference. Some players prefer a “Heavy” Equip Load that provides more armor and longer crowd control debuffs.

While wearing medium armor, you can dodge quickly, deal 10% more damage and heal, and apply crowd control debuffs for 10% longer.

In heavy armor, dodge is a slow sidestep. Blocking stability increases by 15%, and crowd control lasts 20% longer.

The mage class comes in at a bit more of a “Battle Mage” due to its short-range abilities in New World, contrary to most MMORPGs where casters are restricted to wearing light armor.

If a player selects Watch it Burn, the passive will also burn 6 seconds with each light attack, which is a great way to maintain that 30% fortify buff. You can maximize the effectiveness of this top tier passive by performing light attacks every 6-7 seconds between Incinerate casts.

Can you craft a fire staff in New World?

For the Fire Staff, you have to go to the crafting area in New World, which is generally marked by a campfire. You need to open the crafting menu once you reach the crafting area, and level up your Arcana to craft the Fire Staff.

What should I pair fire staff with?

What should I pair fire staff with in New World?

The best way to pair the Fire Staff with another weapon is to choose one that complements the same attributes and offers distinctly different skill sets.

If you use it alongside the Fire Staff, you will get the most out of the Ice Gauntlet’s slowing effects and Entombed ability. Its best asset is the slowing effects it grants.

While leveling at first, it’s a great idea to use the Fire Staff with a melee weapon such as the Rapier so that you can attack once your mana runs out.

What is the best gem for fire staff in New World?

In terms of generic damage absorption, you can use Cut Pristine Onyx, Cut Pristine Malachite, or Cut Pristine Diamond.

Is fire mage or pyromancer better?

Meteor Shower – This spell channels meteors that deal a large amount of weapon damage (34%) on impact, as well as an additional 20% weapon damage per second while targets stay in the AoE. It’s amazing, but you’ll need a tank if you plan on using it for PVP or exploration.

Can you be a mage in New World?

In spite of the ‘classless’ nature of the game, many players are still using fantasy RPG archetypes as inspiration. One of the most popular archetypes in all RPGs is the Mage. Fire Staff is the strongest magical weapon available to a mage, making it essential for any mage build.

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