Best Armor for Rapier in New World

Best Armor for Rapier in New World

The Best Rapier Build Armor for PVP in New World

If you choose to use medium armor, you will miss out on the dodge roll feature, but the rapier will make up for it with a lot of mobility, and the damage absorption will be highly beneficial in PvP.

The Best Rapier Build Armor for PVE in New World

The type of armor you choose will depend on whether you tend to spend more time solo or with groups. Light is better for solo, while medium if for the group play. Both rapier and fire staff scale off intelligence, so that is where you should spend the most points. To get a bonus 5% crit chance, you also need 50 points in constitution and 50 in dexterity after reaching 150 intelligence. Slot your rapier with an intelligence-enhancing gem, such as a ruby, to maximize its damage.

Rapier and Bow Build

Dexterity is the most important attribute for this build, as both Rapier and Bow scale off it. Light armor is also preferred for more mobility, but medium armor can be used for better survivability. Look for gear that increases Dexterity, reduces cooldowns, or provides bonuses to bleed or poison.

Rapier and Fire Staff Build

Rapier and Fire Staff Build New World

If you want to maximize Intelligence scaling with this build, get a Rapier with a gem socket and fit a Topaz gem in it. This will cause your Rapier to deal Lightning damage and scale with Intelligence. If you want to maximize your damage output, you should wear light armor. But if you have difficulty surviving, you should wear medium armor.

Rapier and Ice Gauntlet CC Duelist Build

Your Rapier will deal slightly less damage with this build, since it scales solely off intelligence. Use a Topaz gem on your Rapier to assist its damage scaling. You’ll want to look for armor pieces that enhance your Ice Gauntlet abilities. Medium armor is recommended because you’re concentrating more on applying crowd control effects than raw damage.

If you want to be mobile and hit harder, you’ll want to wear armor that is light. While it provides less protection than heavy armor, it also provides better mobility.

Having light armor gives you greater mobility when you dodge, which is essential for the rapier’s effectiveness. Also, it gives you a 20% damage bonus, making you even more lethal.

Due to your light armor, you’ll want to grab abilities from the Grace tree to improve your survivability because your other active abilities from the Blood tree have high damage potential.

The total weight of your armor as a whole affects how you apply crowd control and how much damage you can mitigate.

  • Light – 20% more damage. Quick roll dodge
  • Normal – 10% more damage. Quick hop dodge. Your Crowd control debuffs lasts 10% longer
  • Heavy – 0% more damage. Slow sidestep dodge. Your Crowd control debuffs last 20% longer.

Mix heavy, medium, and light gear to receive the 10% damage bonus while still receiving the extra mitigation heavy provides. No matter which weapon you use, you’ll receive the same damage buff. It’s also worth noting that Heavy Armor provides increased Block Stability for 15% or so.

Musket and Rapier Musketeer Build Armor

Musket and Rapier Musketeer Build Armor New World

For this Build you should use Light Armor since it has a +20% increase to damage. Light Armor is great for PvE for maximum damage as well as for PvP if you have good shot. The only real way to play this Build effectively is to roll away from your opponents and to use your mobility effectively. You want to stand apart so you can fire shots without getting hit in melee. Light Armor is a great help for this.

When crafting your Armor, you should look for +Dexterity or +Dexterity and +Intelligence, because dropped equipment has random stats and bonuses. You can also buy it from the Trading Post. If you have the right materials, crafting guarantees Dexterity on your armor. Constitution isn’t too bad either.

Rapier Skill Perks

A perk is a kind of skill modification that provides an additional utility to a skill. Similar to passive skills, a perk can be found on armors and weapons. Perks are often better suited for armor as weapons have better access to perks in general.

The armor perks Leeching Flurry and Omnidirectional Evade make excellent choices for PvE or PvP, while Refreshing is another good pick for armor in general.

Is rapier good in New World?

Is rapier good in New World?

In New World, rapiers are one of the most versatile weapons. They can serve as both a DPS weapon and a movement tool. However, getting the most out of this weapon will require intelligent pairings, attribute allocation, and certain gameplay techniques.

What attributes are for rapier?

Dexterity is the main stat of the rapier. However, if your second weapon does not benefit from Dexterity, you may choose to put points into Intelligence instead.

Can you use a shield with a rapier in New World?

No, it cannot be used with a shield.

Can you tank with rapier?

There’s plenty of options which allows the Rapier to be used in a variety of ways to deal damage, both for PvE and for PvP. This weapon can also be used as an Evade Tank in a secondary role.

What goes best with Rapier New World?

With this weapon, you can provide quick bursts of lethal damage and deal ‘Bleed’ to your enemies. Many players use the Rapier alongside a Bow or a Musket since they all benefit from the Dexterity tree.

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