Best Armor for Hatchet in New World

Best Armor for Hatchet in New World

Is the Hatchet good in New World?

The Hatchet‘s close-quarters and ranged abilities make it a versatile one-handed weapon in New World. The best build uses both skill trees. Berserker and Throwing are the two Mastery Trees for the Hatchet; Berserker provides three close-quarters abilities while Throwing grants range options.

The Best New World Hatchet PVP Build

In order to get the most damage resistance, it is recommended that you wear medium armor, such as heavy head/chest armor, medium gloves/boots, and light pants. This build has plenty of mobility without light armor, but light armor also grants a 20% damage buff, which also applies to the healing given by Berserk. Light armor also grants a dodge roll, but it isn’t too important since this build has plenty of damage.

The Best New World Hatchet PVE Build

With this build, you will be doing a lot of dodging and evading, so you will need high dexterity so that your weapons can deal more damage. We recommend putting at least 50 points into constitution as well. A light armor load-out is beneficial here.

In general, Hatchet builds favor mobile armor with a balance between light and heavy. However, there are some build variations that prefer more heavy armor for tanky builds and support healers.

Hatchet and Bow Build

Hatchet and Bow Build New World

When it comes to gear, look for perks that enhance Hatchet abilities, cool-downs, or decrease threat generation (Expeditions only). Light armor is not recommended for melee-focused DPS builds, at least not for PvE.

To maximize your damage with a hatchet and bow by your side, you’ll need armor that boosts both dexterity and strength.

Hatchet and Great Axe Build

In terms of armor, Medium armor strikes a great balance between damage and defense. As for gear, anything that increases Strength and Constitution is excellent. Perks that increase these abilities or shorten your cooldowns will be extremely helpful.

If you want maximum protection for this build, I would recommend heavy armor. Heavy armor is arguably the best Armor type in New World, and since you’ll be getting hit in melee combat often, you’ll want to be protected as much as possible. Especially it is true in Expeditions with multiple enemies at once and in PvP with multiple players attacking at the same time. However, Medium can also be used if you wish to have greater maneuverability.

Strength and Constitution are the best features to look for in Armor, but Strength and Dexterity are not a bad choice either. If you have Gem slots you should place Diamonds into them for better damage absorption. Having Luck on these armor pieces can benefit your farming, but it isn’t necessary.

Great Axe-Hatchet puts you in a Tank role, where you absorb direct damage from your enemies and deal them a few strong blows to finish them off. With Hatchet as a secondary weapon combined with medium armor, a player can move and attack quickly.

With Armor Perks, Refreshing and Refreshing Torrent are both great pickups that help you manage cool downs and make skills rotations easier. Refreshing Torrent increases your overall DPS, and Keen Berserk makes it possible to crit more often when you’re soloing and can’t guarantee backstabs.

Mending Infected Throw and Vorpal Distancing Throw are the perks we want on our armor. Vorpal Distancing Throw gives you a nice boost in damage for PvE. By finishing an enemy with Infected Throw we can benefit from Mending Infected Throw. Refreshing remains a good choice for reducing our cooldown.

We have two good choices for Armor Perks. Refresh is a general purpose perk, and Vorpal Distancing Throw is a niche damage increase that could be really useful against a rooted target. When you choose Adrenaline Rush over On Fire, Refreshing Evasion may be useful as well.

What goes best with Hatchet in New World?

What goes best with Hatchet in New World?

Although strong on its own, the Hatchet works best when paired with a ranged weapon like the Bow or Musket for a consistent stat and attribute boost.

Does shield work with Hatchet?

A lot of players felt that hatchets would make excellent dual-wield weapons. However, hatchets are one hand weapons, which cannot be used in tandem with shields.

Does shield do anything in New World?

Sword and Shield Skills can only be accessed with shields when paired with a sword. NOTE: If you equip a 1-hand weapon that is not a sword, you cannot access this skill tree.

Should you always wear a shield?

As opposed to Skyrim, there is no benefit to equipping a shield if you don’t specialize in Sword and Shield combat. That means you won’t gain the shield’s defense stats and perks.

What does the Hatchet scale with?

As a weapon, hatchets scale primarily with strength, but also with dexterity.

What is the best melee weapon in New World?

New World’s rapier is its signature one-handed melee DPS weapon. Equipped with skills that make it effective both offensively and defensively, it’s one of the weapons that will make your character relevant no matter the situation.

Quick Tips and Tricks for New World Beginners

It’s not the armor type that determines your armor status. That means it’s possible to wear Medium armor and still have Light Weight Status – if you keep your equipment load within the threshold. You can equip a medium armor helmet with your light armor and still be considered light weight. The options for customization are much greater than you would think.

You can’t dodge-roll while you’re under Heavy Weight Status. To move faster, you can unseat your armor to lower your Equipment Load temporarily and dodge-roll forward to get through an area faster.

The Berserk Ability can also be used with the Heavy Weight Status in order to move through the area much more quickly.

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