How to Remove the HUD in Standoff 2

There are often situations where players want to record videos, take screenshots, or cut frames from their gameplay. But in most games the screen is cluttered with various metrics of the game, which interfere with these efforts. In this article we will show you how to remove HUD in Standoff 2 and make the screen clean.

How to remove the HUD?

How to Remove the HUD in Standoff 2

As it turns out, there is no setting for easily disabling the HUD. Therefore, players must resort to tricks to clear the screen of unnecessary objects.

To begin, we create a closed lobby within the game. Next, we find the locations we would like to shoot. Finally, we pause the game and immediately press the back button. If necessary, repeat the process until the HUD disappears. It may not work the first time, but it does work, so give it a shot.

Others have said it is best to minimize the effects and just press the pause and back buttons in the middle of the game, until the screen is clear of all the unnecessary stuff.

It is possible to do it in other ways, too, such as by making a screenshot, going through an editor to remove unwanted objects, or using additional cheats and codes. We spoke about the easiest and fastest ways to remove the HUD, but there are many more possibilities, depending on your abilities, skills, and imagination.

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