How to make a unit immortal in Worldbox

How to make a unit immortal in Worldbox

Worldbox is a game that allows you to become God for the duration of the game. Your creation is evolving only because you want it to. The game has been very popular in narrow circles. So what kind of god simulator would it be without the ability to choose your favorites? And the main gift that God can give is immortality. In this guide we will tell you how to make an immortal unit in the game, as well as how the mechanics of immortality works.

How to make an immortal unit in Worldbox

Having immortality allows a creature to avoid dying of old age, that is, it will live forever without external intervention. This trait is inherited by some species though it can also be acquired by others. Dragon, fairy, piranha, snowman, chill, mage of good, mage of evil, demon, skeleton, zombie, animated houses and plants, druid, necromancer, tumor, creatures infected with tumor, creatures infected with fungus spores and crabzilla have this trait right away. There is also a tiny chance to get this trait for nothing.

Immortality can be obtained in several ways. The first is to survive the plague. The second is to be struck by lightning. The second option is what we think will bestow immortality upon your favorite units.

In Worldbox, you can make a unit immortal by placing a shield on it and then hitting it with lightning so that it becomes immortal. This is how you can make yourself an immortal nation and lead it to dominance.

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