Dying Light 2 Quest Guide: Find the Rose Garden

Dying Light 2 Quest Guide: Find the Rose Garden

We’ll show you how to find the hidden rose garden in Dying Light 2: Stay Human and what to expect.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete “Rose Garden”, a touching side quest, a great choice for beginners. You can find side quests hidden in the Old Villedor area, where you meet residents asking Aiden for assistance.

Where can I find the quest giver for the side quest “Rose Garden”?

There is a quest giver for the side quest “Rose Garden” in Quarry End, one of the southern districts of Old Villedor. When Hakon releases you into the Open World during the quest “The Only Way Out”, you can begin the quest. From the station in the center of Quarry End, walk about a hundred meters northwest.

Talk to Peter in the blue tower labeled “Cadet Academy” and select the dialogue option “That would certainly make her happy”. In the quest, you are to give the dried rose to an old lady in a glass house.

Where can I find the glass house in Old Mound Street?

Where can I find the glass house in Old Mound Street? Dying Light 2

You can search the area from the air if you’ve found the glider already, or you can use the Nightrunner binoculars if you haven’t. You should walk 150 yards to the south. Find a high point in the marked quest area and look for a red brick mansion with an overgrown roof – but you won’t find a glass house like Peter describes.

The quest giver is speaking of an annex with a semicircular, filthy dome made of red bricks. It is located at the back of the villa, therefore not visible. There is also no direct access to it. The area around the villa is overrun with zombies. If you want to avoid a fight, climb over the roofs and lanterns to get to the house. The entrance is under the crumbling balcony on the west side.

How do I find the old lady in the glass house?

Enter the greenhouse through the front door. On the table next to the corpse is a note containing the artifact collectible “Letter – Helen’s Confession”. Read the letter to find out more about Peter and the old lady. When you interact with the corpse, Aiden places the rose on the “flower lady’s” lap. When you leave the glass house, gather the precious poppy and honey, as well as all of the other resources in the room across the street.

What reward do I get for the side quest “Rose Garden”?

You will receive a considerable amount of gold coins from the merchants on the free market once you return to Peter and tell him about the flower lady. Aiden will give him the letter and you will receive “Helen’s Rose Necklace” as a reward. It’s best to reinvest these in resources immediately.

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