How to Track Resources in New World

How to Track Resources in New World

The ability to track resources in New World is obtained by unlocking one of the skills in the game.

Once you unlock a particular resource, it can be tracked via the compass at the top center of the screen, but to make the resource unlocked you need to get required level in harvesting that particular resource. So, once you get level 10 in mining, the compass will now be showing you where to find the Iron Ore. This is how do you track iron on the New World.

To narrow your search, utilize the biomes on the resources map, and then use your compass to explore the surrounding region.

How do You Track Resources in New World?

You must first unlock the skill before you can begin tracking resources. Depending on the craft you choose to pursue, the number will vary. Take, for example, mining. After a specific number of points, you’ll be able to locate nearby silver nodes. The problem is that it happens on its own, and you are not told about it.

When you glance up at your compass while near some silver, you’ll notice a rock up there – that’s the way how the tracking works. Once you get close enough to a resource you are able to track, it will become visible on your compass. Iron becomes silver; silver becomes gold, and so on. It is done in a similar way for plants, timber, food, and fish. The greater your skill level, the more items you’ll be tracking at the same time.

The only drawback here is that the tracking resources appear similar on the compass, and you won’t know what you’re looking at until you’re on it.

How do you track hemp in New World?

Opening the map and looking for Forest and Grassland sections as you walk between places is the best way to find Hemp and Fiber locations in the game.

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