New World Guide: Best Gems for Armor and Weapon

New World Guide: Best Armor and Weapon Gems

There are many different types of Gems in the New World. Gems are essentially free upgrades that provide your character with additional benefits, and they’re extremely important to your build. Each gem, however, provides somewhat different benefits depending on whether you put it in your armor or weapon.

Best Armor Gems in New World

Best Armor Gems in New World

Onyx is perhaps the best armor gem because it absorbs 2.5 percent of physical damage. This is incredibly useful because the bulk of character builds in New World will use a physical weapon, therefore having physical absorption on your armor is quite useful.

Malachite and diamond are two more jewels that are good for armor. Malachite increases your resistance to elemental damage while also providing some resistance to physical damage.

Diamond, on the other hand, grants you additional resistance to physical damage and a little amount of resistance to elemental damage (so, somewhat the opposite to malachite).

You can use four malachite gems and four diamond gems in your armor to have a more or less equal resistance to both physical and elemental damage (for example, if you play as a healer). This will increase your resistance to both physical and elemental damage by 10%.

If you just want physical damage resistance (which is useful for tank characters), the onyx gem will give you roughly 20%.

Keep in mind that in order to boost your armor, you only have 8 pieces of gear to fit the gems into. You can also stack jewels in your rings, amulets, and earrings, so don’t forget about those things.

Best Weapon Gems in New World

Best Weapon Gems in New World

The best weapon gem in the game is opal. It gives you 15 percent damage, while your stamina is not full, which means that every time you dodge, you will be dealing 15% extra damage to your enemy.

Malachite is the second best gem for weapons, increasing your damage by 12% if your target has a crowd control effect on it. A stun, a slow, or a root – these are all examples of crowd control effects.

Carnelian is the third best weapon gem, and it is the only gem in New World that can taunt throughout the game. This is the gem for you if you’re playing as a tank in PVE mobs with a sword or hatchet.

Also there focus (amber) and intelligence gems; the only focus gem – amber – is especially useful for a healer, who wants to have some damage on their weapon.

For a magic character with a physical weapon an intelligence gem would be a good choice: topaz, aquamarine, sapphire, ruby and amethyst.

New World: Best Life Staff Gem

New World: Best Life Staff Gem

The Amber gem converts natural damage and scales with focus, making it one of the best New World gems for a Life Staff. Players that choose the Protection spec, especially those who use the Beacon talent, will benefit from it.

Another great gem for a Life Staff build is Diamond Gem. You will gain additional healing from all sources once your HP reaches 100%.

More details on the Best Gems for Life Staff in New World

Abyssal, Arcane, Ice, Fire, Lightning, or Nature

A character with a Life Staff is often attacked by elemental powers, so to get the protection from them, you’ll want to pick to add any of the defensive Abyssal, Arcane, Ice, Fire, Lightning, or Nature gems to your equipment.


The Calming gem is an ideal PvE choice, and it is very useful for a tank character to maintain the attention of every angry enemy that rushes after you.

Elemental Ward

The Elemental Ward gem increases the broad spectrum of Elemental damage, rather than a single one, which means it allows you to have the spare slots for your secondary weapon.

Physical Ward

The Physical Ward gem protects against all types of physical attacks, and it is quite helpful in preventing you from becoming too overwhelmed within a matter of seconds, so that your allies can come to help you.


The Rally gem increases your heals when you have full health, and is good for those wielding a Life Staff.

Spectral Ward

The Spectral Ward gem significantly boosts the elemental damage absorption, and gives a small boost to the physical damage absorption.

Wilderness Ward

The Wilderness Ward works similarly to the Spectral Ward, but in the opposite way: it gives you a significant boost to your physical damage absorption and provides you with smaller elemental damage absorption.

What happens if I put an intelligence gem on Life Staff?

Well, it doesn’t do much, actually. With the focus maxed out and with healing with blissful touch these are the results:

  • Without gem – Heal 4%, Heal: 3.7%, Heal 3.5%
  • With sapphire Gem – Heal: 3.5%
  • Test max out intelligence with sapphire gem in life staff – Heal 2.3%
  • Life staff without gem – Heal: 2.2%
  • Life staff with gem – Heal: 2%
  • Without gem – Heal: 1.9%

So, basically, life staff only scales with focus; and while intelligence will be added to your attributes but it won’t affect the life staffs scaling. (Source)

Best Gem to pair with a life staff for healing

It is diamond, because it increases healing and damage when you are at full health.

Best Gem for Great Axe in New World

Emerald gem is the best option here, because it increases damage against foes with low health.

Additionally you can use Opal on your armor to boost fire and ice elemental damage absorption.

If your secondary weapon is war hammer, then Malachite will be a good choice, since it increases damage against enemies afflicted with crowd control.

Because both of these weapons rely on strength as their primary attribute, you should spend the majority of your attribute points on it. To improve your health, the remaining attribute points should be invested into constitution. To increase your defense, you should also wear heavy armor.

Tank build with Great Axe

The best skill here will be Reap – it extends your Great Axe out 5 meters to pull enemies to you, dealing 110% Weapon Damage; and it is Taunt Gem Compatible: when used with a Carnelian Gem, it will taunt the enemy for 4 seconds on hit.

New World: Best Hatchet Gem

New World: Best Hatchet Gem

Abyssal, Arboreal, Electrified, Empowered, Ignited, or Frozen

These gems turn a portion of your weapon’s damage into a specific elemental damage, such as Ignited, which turns a portion of the Hatchet’s total damage into fire. The amount of damage is determined by your Hatchet’s base damage or your Intelligence attribute. While Intelligence is not linked to Hatchet, it does imply that your weapon’s default base damage will still be enough.


The Calming gem guarantees that the bigger elite foes remain off you and focus on the primary tank during PvE fights, allowing you to inflict a lot of damage. While it isn’t as effective in PvP combat, it is a decent strategy to ensure that you may inflict as much damage as you want without becoming the major target and pushing the healer’s attention to you.


Cruel allows you to deal greater damage to foes that have a Crowd Control status effect on them, such as a root, stun, or slower movement speed. When using a Hatchet, your only attention should be on dealing damage, and having this gem is always beneficial. The Hatchet’s ability trees also include a few Crowd Control effects, so you may still activate this gem by yourself.


When a powerful opponent is going to collapse but still has some fight left in them, the Exhilarate gem comes in handy. When your health is less than 30%, your damage output rises. While you’re under heavy fire with a Hatchet, it’s a terrific way to make a last push against any powerful elite foe or another player, and when you’re in the middle of the battle with a Hatchet, you can expect to be on low health quite often.


Hatchet, like many other DPS builds, will need you to move about quite a bit. The Gambit gem will be utilized frequently because you’ll be ducking and weaving a lot. It improves your damage output while your stamina isn’t full. It will encourage you to dodge far more frequently and be more active in fight, and you will gain from the increased danger.


You want to charge in with your best abilities while an enemy’s health is low. You will deal extra damage to any target with less than 30% of their maximum health if you use the Opportunist gem. It’s a smart strategy to keep an opponent player from fleeing and assures you can do more damage against the dungeon’s final boss.


Retaliate is the final gem we’d suggest for your Hatchet. Your weapon damage increases for a short time after you’ve been hit three times. Hopefully, you’re not the one who gets hit, but it’s always possible that someone in a PvP combat has switched their attention to you, or that a lesser monster in a dungeon is assaulting you. With this weapon, you can hit them hard enough to scare them away or knock them down on the ground. It’s a good option for a variety of DPS weapons, and we recommend it.

Best Gem for Hatchet in New World

The Emerald Gem is the best gem for the Hatchet because it boosts your damage against enemies with less than 30 HP. It’s fantastic since it scales with your empower abilities and the passive Enraged Strikes. It is the best coefficient of any gem in the game for Hatchet build.

There are a number of weapon gems that can be used with hatchets to increase their damage and make them more lethal in melee combat. These are those gems (source):

  • Diamonds – Deal more damage while at full health
  • Emeralds – Deal more damage while enemy is at less than 30% health
  • Opal – Deal more damage while your stamina bar is not full
  • Jasper – Deal more damage after being hit three times.
  • Amber – A portion of your damage is converted to nature damage.
  • Amethyst – A portion of your damage is converted to void damage.
  • Aquamarine – A portion of your damage is converted to ice damage.
  • Ruby – A portion of your damage is converted to fire damage.
  • Sapphire – A portion of your damage is converted to arcane damage.
  • Topaz – A portion of your damage is converted to lightning damage.

Certain gems are better for certain content than others (for example, diamonds aren’t particularly useful in PvP because it’s rare that you’ll stay at 100% health), but these are decent jewels to have in your hatchets in general. Since elemental modifier gems might be more or less effective based on the sort of adversary you’re facing, it’s wise to switch them out depending on the foe you’re about to face.

An amber gem can be added to the hatchet to convert a portion of the damage to elemental. The elemental portion scales off focus and is 10% per tier, thus tier 2 gem converts 20% weapon damage.

If you want to utilize focus instead of strength / dexterity for your life staff, you may put an Amber gem in the hatchet. Alternatively, you could utilize strength / dexterity by putting a gem on the life staff.

You can also respec up to level 20 for free. So you can level as a Dexterity or Strength based character, then switch to focus if you like.

A dexterity based weapon can be used as a secondary one – it can be spear, sword or either of the ranged weapons.

Keep in mind that it seems that gems provide intelligence or focus scaling in weapons, and there is no scaling for physical stats at the moment, and the scaling itself is percent based on the tier of gem. So the best way would be going with Focus and using Amber in the hatchet / other weapon one may want to use.

Berserk skill for Hatchet gives 20% more damage, and lasts for 12 seconds, or until the weapon swap. Berserk’s 8 second Taunt affects every enemy within 8 meters when used with a Carnelian Gem.

You can use the berserk skill to taunt all enemies within an 8 meter range if you equip a carnelian gem in the hatchet’s gem slot.

As a tank using the hatchet, you should take the Berserk ability since it is a taunt gem compatible skill and will grant you self healing and remove debuffs. It’s recommended to fully upgrade the berserk ability.

How Do You Taunt A New World?

Taunting is a Perk one can get by placing Cut Gemstones into a Socket on Weapons.

Best Gem for Rapier in New World

Best Gem for Rapier in New World

Rapier is quite a versatile weapon, you can use whatever skill you want. Just some skills are better for PvE while others for PvP. Evade is just too good to ignore, as it buffs auto attacks. Rapier is also the only melee weapon that scales secondary damage based on Intelligence, which is even better since you use a gem based on Intelligence for damage conversion.

In this build, you will want to scale Intelligence as much as possible. Get a Rapier with a gem socket and fit it with a Topaz gem. This will allow your Rapier to deal Lightning damage while scaling with your Intelligence.

If you want to deal maximum damage, light armor is recommended. But if you are struggling to survive, consider medium armor.

For the rapier and life staff combo, the majority of points would be placed on Focus, and using an amber gem, some of the rapier’s damage should be converted to scale off Focus. The secondary stat should be constitution.

As for the rapier and fire staff build, if you can, slot your rapier with a gem that converts part of its damage to intelligence, such as a ruby.

Rapiers predominantly deal Thrust damage which is less effective against Angry Earth and The Lost. Ice and Nature are good against The Lost, and Fire is good against Angry Earth, but Nature damage scales off Focus, not Intelligence, so it’s better to take the opposite as a secondary stat: if you go with the Rapier and Ice Gauntlet build, then take a Fire gem, and vice versa if you go with the Fire Staff.

Best gems for a Dexterity rapier / musket build?

The best gem for rapier in this build will be Emerald, which gives you the extra percent of damage against targets with less than 30% health.

The best gem for musket here will be Onyx with its extra percent of damage against targets with full health.

As for the gear, Mix of Onyx and Opal would be great, since you get Physical & Elemental absorption, respectively. You will get only defensive effects from adding gems to your gear. The upper stat on the gem is what will be applied to the weapon; lower stat on the gem will be applied to gear.

If you get a Gem slot, you should use an Onyx to boost your damage versus full health opponents. This may enhance the damage of your initial shot by up to 30%!


For 1 second, Riposte puts you in a Defensive Stance. You stun the attacker for 1.5 seconds if you are struck. After a successful Riposte, you become invulnerable for a short while. Riposte can Taunt PvE foes within 5m to attack you for four seconds with a Carnelian Gem.

In both PvE and PvP, riposte is an extremely situational ability. It allows you to be a bit of an evade tank in PvE because it can be used with a Carnelian Gem, and it gives you a very useful Taunt to use to pull aggro.

What to pair with rapier New World?

Because both gain from Dexterity as a major stat, pairing your rapier with a musket or bow will be excellent. You may use these weapons to open up on your opponent from a distance with a few shots before switching to your rapier at close range. You’ll want to make sure you wear light armor.

Best Gem for Ice Gauntlet in New World

Best Gem for Ice Gauntlet in New World

How to make ice gauntlet scale off focus?

Amber – Get an Ice Gauntlet with a gem slot and get an Amber gem to put in it.

With conversion gems, there is a lot of confusion. Those gems do not modify the stats of your entire weapon. It gives you elemental/magic damage, and only that component scales with your base weapon attribute or Intelligence / Focus. If you have a fire gem on your sword and a high Strength, for example, the bonus fire damage will now scale with Strength. It does not scale the entire sword with Intelligence.

What would be the best way to run healing staff and ice gauntlet?

You have two weapons with base stats that are mutually exclusive. However, there are choices for Intelligence and Focus gems. As a result, you must decide on your principal role. If you want to be a healer, then your main weapon is a life staff, you should stack Focus and gem to partially convert the gauntlet to Focus damage. If you want to concentrate on Ice, stack Intelligence and partly gem the life staff to increase intelligence damage.

Best second weapon to pair with Ice Gauntlet?

Rapier, in my opinion, is an excellent complement to it. Using the ice gauntlet to summon my tower, I attack the opponent with frost dots and range, then pull out my Rapier and quickly smash the crap out of them with high crits and bleeds. Most “boss” opponents I’ve encountered have been melted. In a PvP situation, I can strike quicker than almost everyone else and breach guards with a single flurry while others take dots and are slowed by frost.

Where can I get the Ice Gauntlet?

You can buy everything from the faction merchant; something can be available on the market as well.

Ice Gauntlet Combinations

Rapier – This combo allows for incredible mobility as well as crowd control. With the Ice Gauntlet, you can immobilize enemies and burst attack them with the Rapier. Since you are scaling Intelligence, one disadvantage of this combination is that you lose a tiny amount of damage with the Rapier.

Fire Staff – Since the Ice Gauntlet sets up adversaries to be attacked by the Fire Staff’s Abilities, this combo unleashes immense firepower. The Fire Staff has a few options for recovering mana, allowing you to utilize a lot of it. This can be the combo for you if you want to play a fire and ice oriented build with hard hits. The disadvantages include the lack of a melee option and being reliant on your mana bar for damage.

Life Staff — to scale partially with Focus, you’ll want an Amber gem in your Ice Gauntlet in this combo.

Ice Gauntlet – Best Gems

  • While at full health, Diamond does higher damage and grants Elemental and Physical Damage Absorption.
  • Emerald – Increases damage dealt when the enemy’s health is less than 30%, as well as providing Elemental and Physical Damage Absorption.
  • While your stamina bar isn’t full, Opal deals extra damage and grants Elemental Damage Absorption.
  • Malachite – Increase the damage dealt to crowd-controlled foes while also absorbing Elemental and Physical damage.
  • Amber – Converts a part of your damage to nature damage and offers Elemental Damage Absorption.
  • Amethyst – Converts a part of your damage to void damage and grants Elemental Damage Absorption.
  • Aquamarine – Converts a part of your damage to ice damage while also providing Elemental Damage Absorption.
  • Ruby – Converts a part of your damage to fire damage and offers Elemental Damage Absorption.
  • Sapphire – Converts a part of your damage to arcane damage while also providing Elemental Damage Absorption.
  • Topaz – Converts a part of your damage to lightning and also grants Elemental Damage Absorption.

Best Gem for Musket in New World

Best Gem for Musket in New WorldMuskets are the most popular ranged weapons in New World, as they do great long-range damage to opposing players. While reloading the weapon takes some time, it can be lethal in battles and open-world PvP encounters. You’ll also want to utilize the best gems to match this weapon to maximize your build in New World. These may be attached to your Musket or worn as part of your armor.

Abyssal, Arboreal, Electrified, Empowered, Ignited, or Frozen

These gems turn a portion of your weapon’s damage into a specific elemental damage, such as Ignited, which turns a portion of the Musket’s total damage into fire. The quantity of damage is determined by your Musket’s base damage or your Intelligence attribute. While intelligence is Musket’s secondary stat, you’ll most likely be utilizing Musket as your secondary primary weapon, thus plan to utilize the weapon’s base damage as the conversation. In any case, it’s a terrific way to do more damage to an adversary during a fight.


With the Brash gem, you’ll be able to deal a lot of damage to your target while they’re at full health. It’s a great gem to use in both PvP and PvE encounters since if you’re using a musket, you’ll almost always be the first to hit an adversary. In PvP versus long-range targets, you’ll want to double down on this advantage.


With a focus on PvE, the Calming gem will make it so opposing NPCs are less likely to go after you directly. You’ll be firing your weapon from a long distance and doing some pretty high numbers, therefore you don’t want to draw agro towards you instead of your group’s tank during a combat.


When you use the Cruel gem, you deal more damage to opponents that have Crowd Control effects. Crowd Control skills are available to the Musket, however they are primarily found on the Trapper tree. While these effects are normally medium-range, increasing your damage based on where you’re fighting in a conflict is beneficial.


You’ll occasionally be forced to participate in a ranged fight with enemy Musket players, causing you to maneuver about and avoid their fire. It helps to have the Gambit gem in these situations because you’ll take more damage if you don’t have full stamina. This doesn’t happen very frequently, but if you’re aiming down sights and shooting at your target quickly enough, you may get some terrific hits on an opponent and hold them locked in place.


The opponent usually tries to flee just as they’re about to die. A Musket is highly useful when a target is just out of range, and the Opportunist gem allows you to inflict additional damage when your victim is less than 30% health. It’s a great technique to catch fleeing adversaries off guard and send them back to a respawn point.


Rally is the final gem suggested in this list. While you’re at full health, you’ll be able to do more damage, and if you’re playing the backline, long-range musket game, you might not be the most important player in a PvP fight. It’s an excellent technique to deal even more damage and help your team while staying alive if you have a pocket healer ready to defend you during a battle or a PvP fight.

Musket and Fire Staff build

Intelligence scales your Fire Staff damage and boosts your Musket damage slightly. You’ll want to put an Intelligence gem on your Musket to let it scale with Intelligence, which will greatly increase your damage output.

Do gems stack in New World?

In New World, gems can be a fantastic way to stack defensive buffs. The Carnelian Gem, which permits Taunting, is a must-have for any Tank build.

How to Find Gems in New World

Gems can be discovered in a variety of ways. Early on, there are two main ways to get a lot of gems: improve your mining skill (and luck), and farm the first expedition, the Amrine Temple.

When you mine any ore, such as Iron, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Starmetal, and Orichalcum, gems have a chance to drop. Silver will have a better likelihood of dropping Gems than Iron, the other early-game counterpart.

From roughly level 23 onwards, farming the Amrine Temple Expedition is an excellent way to get a lot of gems. It’s worth at least a couple of trips through the dungeon.

Wearing a Miner’s Charm, crafting a pickaxe with a higher luck chance, or eating luck meals can all help you enhance your mining luck. The following are some early game mining luck foods:

  • Roasted Potatoes – 1 x Peppercorn, 1 x Butter, 1 x Potato.
  • Herb-Roasted Potatoes – 1 x Cinnamon, 1 x Butter, 1 x Honey, 1 x Potato.

These grant mining luck enhancements that last between 24 and 30 minutes. Start looking for gems on your Iron ore mining path or your Silver ore mining route.

How to Attach Gemstones in New World

It’s really simple to attach gemstones to your stuff. Simply drag a Cut Gemstone onto the appropriate slot in your gear from your character inventory page.

There are, however, some regulations that apply to weapon gems. If you can’t attach a gem to a weapon, here’s why:

  • If your weapon, for example, has a Void Chain attack, you must complement it with the proper gem.
  • You can’t use a Gem that doesn’t match the weapon’s current damage type.
  • Keep this in mind when purchasing weapons and gems.

Can you remove gems in New World?

You can’t get the gem back after removing it off an item in New World, but you can replace it with another gemstone to modify the item’s effect. This implies that if you placed a gemstone in a socket by accident or wish to modify the affects of your gear, you’ll have to replace it with another gem. So, keep this in mind, and plan your upgrades beforehand.

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