Can you buy Azoth in New World?

Can you buy Azoth in New World?

What is azoth?

You can use Azoth to fast travel, craft powerful gear, respec your weapon’s Mastery tree, and so much more. It is the main source of supernatural powers in the game as well.

Can I buy Azoth in New World?

You cannot buy Azoth in New World, brcause this option is not available in the game. Completing the main missions is the easiest way to get more Azoth. You can also gain the Azoth Extraction perk by crafting Iron tools, and it is also occasionally dropped by level 20 or above opponents.

How do you get Azoth in the New World?

Method 1 – Complete the storyline quests

All quests that follow the “Commitment to the Cause” quest will reward you with Azoth on a regular basis. Simply follow the game’s main storyline and complete the quests, and you’ll be rewarded with it for your efforts.

Method 2 – Unlock the Azoth Extraction perk

The Azoth Mining perk can be unlocked by crafting Iron tools for a while. It acts like your constant Azoth mining tool. It won’t come in huge quantities, but it will flow continually.

There is one catch: unlocking this perk is not guaranteed. It’s basically a lottery. Keep trying, and after many attempts, you’ll finally unlock this perk.

Method 3 – Collect Azoth dropped by high-level players

You may occasionally find that level 20 or higher players drop Azoth. Some enemies may also drop tools with the Azoth Extraction perk. Both of these are pretty uncommon, but you will be able to use the tools to obtain more Azoth.

What should I spend azoth on in the New World?

Adding Azoth to armor and weapons crafting recipes is a good way to increase the chances of gaining better attributes, more perks, and more gem slots. A higher-tier material or recipe will let players insert even more Azoth for added benefits.

Getting Azoth From Harvesting

Using special tools is the most passive and perhaps the most efficient technique of obtaining Azoth. The Sickle, Logging Axe, and other harvesting tools can be enhanced with permanent qualities that offer a fixed % chance of obtaining 1 Azoth each time material is harvested using those tools.

Traits that increase the odds of getting Azoth can be added to special tools. This buff may be found on pre-existing tools that can be purchased at a Trade Post or inserted into a tool that is being crafted by the player if their Engineering skill is high enough.

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