New World: Best Armor for Healer

New World: Best Armor for Healer

Is there a healer in New World?

It is no secret that healers are an integral part of any team, supporting their allies in any battle. New World healing is similar to things you would find in other games. However, with the dual weapon system, healers can do so much more than just keep teammates alive.

There are some tips for the Best Armor for Healer in New World

the Best Armor for Healer in New World

Consider heavy armor, as the 20% damage reduction that lighter armor offers does not apply to healing, so you should consider being a bit tanky. Also, you will have more stability against knock-back effects and stuns, which will be useful not only in PvP, but also in PvE.

The light equip load is superior to heavy armor for mobility, as well as damage output. There are two qualities to look for: FOC and INT.

When you’re continuously casting healing spells on yourself or your squad while avoiding income assaults, CON is not our first choice at this level (lvl 40). You can use Entombed to survive a monster’s attack and call for help or recover beneath your auras if you’re on the verge of death, when the monsters zero in on you.

Heavy armor is the best choice for support. Light or medium armor does not provide enough healing benefits.

Heavy armor increases your resistance to damage and extends the duration of your buffs (20% longer for ice gauntlets/hatches). The Light gives you 20% additional healing, but you suffer a lot of damage due to your low resistances.

It’s good to have the bonus healing and I’m running light armor right now, but I recently found it generated a lot of aggro so I died a couple times due to creeps hitting me hard. That’s why I’m thinking about switching to heavy armor. Light armor isn’t strong enough to protect you in dungeons most of the time.

While I have good tank with discord at the moment, I’m using heavy armor because I don’t quite understand how the hate/aggro system works.

I wear a medium one. It strikes the ideal blend of mobility and defense for me. I replace the bonuses I lose on the armor with additional buffs. Like my life staff, which provides a 20% healing output.

If healer dies, it’s usually the tanks fault. Each tank should be able to run light armor in group PvE. With sword and board and hatchet, you can potentially spam AoE taunts and/or have single target taunts.

As a paladin, I also run an armor, shield, and life staff build, however, I try to balance stats and equip items that have +focus. I do a lot of switching between weapons in combat and I switch from tanking to healing when appropriate.

Wearing light armor or medium armor does not provide a healing bonus. When you hover your mouse over the weight information in your character screen, the tool-tip doesn’t mention it either. It says there’s a damage bonus (which there is), but not a healing bonus.

Put on some cheap armor and make yourself medium, or heavy, and get hurt, and then heal yourself with Divine Embrace. Take note of how much it healed for. You will heal for the exact same amount if you don’t have any different modifiers running.

In terms of healing, you should only choose light armor if you want better dodges. While light armor increases damage, it does not increase healing. Prior to and after I took off heavy armor, my healing rate was 95.

Clerics are heavy armored, front line support types capable of surviving on the front line and offering protection, healing, and some damage. Through a mix of damage and fortify buffs, this build is more suited to PvP, although it does work for coordinated PvE teams like Expeditions and Corrupted events.

Clerical support plays a key role in coordinated PvP. Due to the healing and front line positioning, the build is most effective with Heavy armor. In order to mitigate damage, you should have plenty of heavy armor and buffs from spells to fortify your armor.

The shaman is a healing build that relies on ice magic to keep the battlefield under control. The build’s idea involves the wielder wearing Medium armor, increasing damage, and prolonging the CC duration of your spells by 10%.

To get a medium armor weight, you must have 4 heavy armors and one medium armor (assuming your secondary is not a sword and shield, since the shield weighs too much and is a reduction in armor). The best use for this is for builds that don’t abuse the dodge bug or for tanks with full heavy armor, but to be honest, I wouldn’t even consider full heavy armor.

Why use damage buff and cc buff for healer? Because as a healer, you can still use melee weapons like spears which deal decent damage and having a good CC weapon like spear makes your life much easier. According to a stream I watched, healers are also at risk in PVE and in PVP; you’re a free target so you’re going to need a CC weapon.

Light armor gives you 20% more weapon damage, which translates to better healing. Medium gives you 10% more with a bit more survivability. I don’t believe there is a best overall, but a best for your play style probably exists. Heavy does not give you any healing bonuses, but your survivability is much better compared to the other options. With my attributes split about 3/1 focus/con, I can still put up good healing while wearing full heavy armor, and is hard to kill.

Are Healers good in New World?

Are Healers good in New World?

One of the best support healer builds in New World is using the Ice Gauntlet and Life Staff for AoE healing, sustain, and CC. You can also use the Sword to level solo as a healer.

How do you heal yourself in New World?

You can heal yourself with Recovery Foods by killing an animal (such as a wild boar), then using a Flint Skinning Knife on it. You craft this item during one of the first quests in New World.

Can you heal yourself with life staff in New World?

Despite its lack of damage compared to other weapons, the Life Staff is New World’s primary healing and support weapon.

How do I get life staff early New World?

How do I get life staff early New World?

To craft the Life Staff, you will need to use the iron that you would have acquired after you have reached the first settlement in the game. In order to do so, you will need something called Life Motes, which can be harvested from the Lifebloom.

How do you get common regeneration potion in New World?

If you don’t want to go looking for them, you can buy Common Regeneration Potion from Trading Posts if another player has set a Sell Order on it. You may go straight to the Trading Post and look for this item by going to SEARCH ITEMS and typing in ‘Common Regeneration Potion.’

What gem should I put in my life staff in New World?

It is recommended that a player use a Diamond gem in a Life Staff build in New World since it will increase healing and damage done by the weapon while the player is fully healthy. An Amber gem can also be used as it scales with Focus.

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