Lost Ark Guide: How to Create a Guild and How It Works

Lost Ark Guide: How to Create a Guild and How It Works

In Lost Ark we find a living world full of enemies, quests and players. Interaction with the rest is an important part of this MMO and this leads to guilds. Therefore, in the following guide we provide you with all the details you should know about them, as well as how to create them.

How to create a guild and how it works in Lost Ark?

We can join a guild from the menu by clicking “Community” and “Guild”, but to do so, we will have to finish the prologue first. Guilds can have up to 100 players in them. We will have to select the one we want from the list and the request will be sent. It is also possible to enter through an invitation.

To leave the guild, we just have to click on the option indicated in the guild menu and we will automatically leave. This is because while we belong to a guild, we cannot receive invitations from others. When we leave the guild, we will not be able to join others for a period of time, minimum 1 day.

How to create a guild

It can also happen that we do not want to join any, but create our own. This is possible, but you have to follow a series of steps and it costs money.

From the menu we have to click on “Create guild”. If we want it to be recommended, we have to select “Join the list of recommended guilds”.

Once the guild is created, players will start to join and it is possible that at some point we may want to expel some of them. To do so, we have to right click on the menu of the list of members and expel them.

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