Dying Light 2 – On Mission: Find all Sparker dates

Dying Light 2 - On Mission: Find all Sparker dates

‘On Mission’ in Dying Light 2 sends Aiden on a dating spree. We’ll show you how to unlock Aiden’s secret side quest in Dying Light 2: Stay Human, take you on a few dates in Old Villedoor, and get the “On Mission” trophy.

There is a minor bug in the quest line that gives you with the trophy. Please see the end of this post for more information.

How to get the “On Mission” trophy?

You need to complete the side quest “Matchmaker” and do a favor for the founder of the post-apocalyptic dating service “Sparker” to earn the trophy. After completing “The Raid” in the main quest, Aidan will need to meet three Sparker registered playmates.

How to start the quest line for the “On Mission” trophy?

Rahim, the operator of the postapocalyptic dating agency Sparker, will be waiting outside the door of the bakery northeast of the bazaar in Trinity (Old Villedor). He asks you to get him some business-damaging fake profile cards for him in the side quest “Matchmaker”.

Where to find the Sparker cards in the Matchmaker side quest?

The first two orders are located in the Horseshoe district on the Villedor City Map next to Rahim. You can find the first profile map in Jack & Joe’s camp to the north. Keep left in the camp and go into the building behind the cages. There is Sparker card number one on the table. Unless you picked up the bandit camp during the story quest and the water tower decision, you will be met with resistance here.

In the southwest Dark Zone, on the border with Trinity, enter via the military container on the roof of the building at night. The Sparker card is on a table in the foyer. Take the two cards back to Raheem and he will give you the artifact collectible Aiden’s Dating Profile.

Finding the Sparker Cards in Dying Light 2

How do I meet all three Sparker love interests?

You can wait a day and go back to the bakery if you have Aiden’s dating profile. If you’re impatient, you can sleep in the subway for a while. Once you’re back at the bakery, meet Juliet. Talk to her first. Before continuing, you must complete the “Welcome aboard” quest. A few days later, you will meet Vinnie outside the bakery, and again a few days later, Maya.

This is what happens when you are affected by the bug

There is also a bug in Maya’s side quest “Sentimental Value,” which might cause her to disappear or not appear at all. In this case, Maya cannot be found in the bakery. The game will either recognize Vinnie as the final Sparker love object and award you with the “On Mission” trophy – or you will go home empty-handed. You may also encounter situations where you meet only Juliet. The only way to fix this is to wait for a patch.

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