Dying Light 2: Treasure Hunt – Find all safes and combinations

Dying Light 2: Treasure Hunt - Find all safes and combinations

In Dying Light 2: Stay Human, you’ll need to solve a few tricky puzzles in order to find the hidden safes. We’ve listed all the safe locations and combinations.

The game’s zombie-infested open world offers plenty to discover, including crazy weapons and Easter eggs as well as hidden safes with great loot.

What is in the hidden safes of Dying Light 2?

The hidden safes often contain high rarity items, such as mines, medi-kits, and equipment, as well as inhibitors that are necessary for upgrading. If you are looking for collectibles like ribbons or souvenirs, you will also find them.

All hidden safes in side quests

Some of the hidden safes can only be found by completing certain side quests. If you seek them out without completing side quests, you are usually unable to access them or you won’t be able to interact with them. You will lose access to the safe’s valuable content if you miss the corresponding side quest.

Safe code in the side quest “The first biomarker”

Create a trading post west of Trinity on the border with Houndfield by unlocking the “Alder” windmill. Talk to McGregor to start the side quest “The First Biomarker“. He will tell you to look for a safe in St. Joseph Hospital with the combination 9-7-3.

Safe code in the side quests “The Deserter” and “Treasure Hunt”

It is necessary to complete “The Deserter” side quest with Meyer in the Fortress before you can obtain this safe. Caution: If you hand in the card at the end, you will be blocked from obtaining “Treasure Hunt”. Albert the librarian can help you decipher the map during the treasure hunt. Go to Muddy Grounds’ water tower and dive down in the flooded area to find the safe, which you can open using the combination 3-21-67.

Safe code in the side quest “Self-Burned”

You will only be able to unlock the side quest “Self-Burned” if you leave Jack and Joe alive during the decision at the water tower. Later on you will find them in the prison on the floating fortress. Offer them help, and they will send you back to the water tower to get the contents of a safe for them. The combination is 14-9-2.

Safe Code in the Story Quest “Transmission”

You will enter the Garrison Power Plant during the quest “Transmission” and find the safe in the room with the generator number 2. You will also find the note “Approximate size of Pi” in the box next to it. The combination is 3-1-4.

Safe code in the side quest “Book Club”

You are sent to an apartment in Houndfield to confront a few bandits and kill them afterwards. The safe code is found in the book “Treasure Island,” and it is 21-12-55.

Safe code in the side quest “Out of your league”

As part of the “True Friends” quest, you have to talk to Dominik in the bazaar and then accept the side quest “Out of Your League” from Nerys. Through this quest, you will gain access to the safe. It has the combination 11-11-19.

You should complete this side quest before the transition to the central ring, if possible. If you complete the story quest, this quest will no longer be available.

Dying Light 2 Safes: All locations and Safe codes

There are no hints or markers in Dying Light 2: Stay Human that will aid you in finding safes. Most are hidden outside of quests in the Open World. The combination to the safe can be found on a note from an abandoned apartment, warehouse, or military container. The notes are part of the collectibles and are located near the safe.

The following table contains the solutions to the puzzles on which you will find the safe combination.

Number Location Safe combination
01 Downtown –
Downtown Thugs bandit camp
02 Downtown – camp
on the highway bridge
03 Garrison –
Garrison Power Plant
04 Garrison – Roof
of the VNC Tower (at the plank, jump into the window below)
05 Houndfield –
Nightrunner hideout, east of the Trinity border
06 Muddy Grounds –
Military containers on the northwest border of The Wharf
07 New Dawn Park –
Office building west of Fish Eye
08 Newfound Lost
Lands – Fast food restaurant in the park
09 Quarry End –
Detached cottage in the south
10 Saint Paul Island
– military containers in the south
11 Saint Paul Island
– Inside the bell tower
12 Trinity – In the
nightrunner’s hideout on the roof of the bazaar
13 Dam – Inside an
old bus (player hideout) on the dam west of Garrison

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