Dying Light 2 – How to Get the Paraglider

Dying Light 2 - How to Get the Paraglider

In the zombie open world of Dying Light 2: Stay Human, you’ll be on foot for a long time. Aiden Caldwell is known for his impressive parkour skills, but the walks in the game can be quite long. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find the paraglider so you can explore the city from above.

Where can I find the paraglider in Dying Light 2?

There is no need to search for the paraglider. It is more important that you meet Lawan, as Dylan instructed you to do at the beginning of the story. You will find him during the main quest. For the Peacekeepers, you need to determine who Lucas’ killer is and then get into the central loop. You’ll meet Lawan during this mission, who will assist you through the subway and take you to the first metro. You will receive the Nightrunner paraglider shortly afterward.

How do I control the paraglider?

By throwing yourself off a roof and descending, you can cover long distances with it. Hold down the square button (PS5) during your fall to open the paraglider. To stabilize your fall, pull the left stick back. To land, push it forward.

You should release all the buttons once you are up in the air. Pull the left stick back and steer the paraglider in the desired direction. When landing, make sure you lose altitude early enough, otherwise you will miss the roof and end up kissing the concrete.

How do I control the paraglider Dying Light 2

Why is endurance so important when paragliding?

The paraglider in Dying Light 2 depletes Aiden’s stamina. If the blue bar falls below zero, you will crash. To increase Aiden’s stamina, you must supply him with inhibitors. These can be found in GRE containers hidden in the open world of the game.

What are vents in Dying Light 2?

During flight, you can also aim for vents to replenish your stamina and extend your flight time. Look for the gray fog coming from the roofs, then steer the paraglider into a stream of air to gain extra momentum.

They are also suitable for taking off. As Aiden stands on the air current, press the square button on the PS5 and he will fly into the air. Should you assign buildings to survivors, you will have a chance to get a survivor reward that creates more vents and improves their effects.

What are vents in Dying Light 2

How do I upgrade the paraglider in Dying Light 2?

Lawan also gives you a corresponding design. With enough resources, you can then upgrade it with the master craftsmen. An upgrade will cost you military technology (2 pieces) and 1,000 coins.

You can upgrade your paraglider three times. Military technology is extremely rare, so look for parachutes hanging from skyscrapers. GRE packages have landed there, and you can find military technology there.

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