Dying Light 2: How to Unlock the Sunken City

The Sunken City is a hidden area in Dying Light 2: Stay Human that you can quickly miss forever. We’ll show you how to uncover this part of town.

Several decisions will affect the outcome of the game and the entire game world. One of the choices will even reveal a secret area of the city that you won’t see if you select the wrong option. We’ll show you how to reach the Sunken City in Dying Light 2: Stay Human.

What is the Sunken City in Dying Light 2?

Dying Light 2: How to Unlock the Sunken City

Only if you make the right decision at the right time during one of the last story quests, during the epilogue of the game, will you be able to uncover the secret parts of the city located in the south of the Central Loop. In addition to lots of loot, a completely new zombie species awaits you there.

Which quest will lead me to the sunken city?

The Breakthrough’s story quest requires Aiden to follow a truck that leads directly to the headquarters of the Renegades. The truck will stop at a Renegade building that you can enter via a fire escape to the west during the quest.

Caution: Here starts the epilogue. Read more about it below.

The “Now or Never” quest begins if you enter the door, in which you unravel the story of the sunken city. You start in the basement, then must run through several parkour maneuvers and fend off a zombie horde on your way to the upper floors. You will find renegades as soon as you make it to the elevators. You will then have to fight your way to the van. Aiden takes the driver hostage and leads him straight to the renegades’ headquarters.

Can I continue playing normally after the epilogue?

When you reach the end of the story quest “The Breakthrough”, the epilogue begins and a window appears informing you to complete all open tasks and side quests before entering the Renegade building. After completing the main quest, you can still pursue side quests and collectibles. The only thing you cannot undo is the consequences of your decisions up to this point. So you can begin the epilogue with peace of mind.

How do I reach the Colonel of the Renegades?

Pass the guards in the tall grass and cross the rope bridge to the red brick building at the headquarters. If you wish to remain in stealth mode, dive into the water, then swim to the other shore. Get to the door by carefully climbing ashore and ambushing the two guards. An open exchange of blows will also lead you to the goal. However, you are sure to encounter many more renegades.

As you enter the building, you will see a large table set up and a guard bent over a barred gate with his back to you. Overpower the renegade and descend the hatch. Go through the channel and follow the corridor. More renegades will appear on your way. Kill them and go through the double doors.

What decisions do I have to make in the dialogue with the Colonel?

A short sequence follows in which you are given the option of uncovering the sunken city or not. Depending on your decision, you may encounter a different outcome in the end. However, with the following descriptions you will reach your goal in any case.

The conversation reveals that the chief of the renegades is not your enemy. Nevertheless, if you wish to reach the sunken city, you must face the Colonel. Choose the dialog option “I believe Matt”. Alternatively, you’ll meet Lawan beforehand, who threatens the Colonel and his wife. Again, side with Lawan and don’t believe the Colonel.

How do I uncover the Sunken City in Dying Light 2?

Both times, you will have a fight with his men. After you deal with them, you will need to lower the bulkheads. Use the levers on either side of the concert grand piano to do so. The power will fail and you will have a boss fight with the Colonel’s champion.

Start by killing the archers, and then the common soldiers. When one-on-one with the champion, you should have no problem. Just be careful of his power attacks. Connect the cable back to the generator and start both pumps. In the next cutscene, you will see the sunken city in Dying Light 2: Stay Human and its new zombie species.

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