Dying Light 2 – Radio Tower Locations

Dying Light 2 - Radio Tower Locations

These towers in Dying Light 2 will allow you to see all the inhibitors in a given area on the map, making it much easier to find them. If you activate the first tower, you will receive the achievement “Hear our voices!”.

There are six radio towers scattered across the game’s world, including two that you can climb during the main storyline quest “Broadcast“. To reach the top of the tower, you must unlock the hook and complete the main storyline quest. The antenna can also be activated by climbing to the top and activating the special block. Note that some towers will require your character to have good stamina.

Where to look for radio towers

Radio tower #1

Radio tower #1 Dying Light 2

  • Area – Harrison Boulevard.
  • What area does it work for – Harrison Boulevard.

This tower refers to the Broadcasting quest where you can get a hook. Just climb up the ledge.

Climb the iron beams to the antenna to turn it on. You will then be able to choose who to give the tower to – either the Peacekeepers or the Survivors. Once you make your choice, a map of the area will show you the inhibitors around you.

Thereafter, you can move on to finding other towers and activating them one after another. You can also make things a lot easier by using an enhanced paraglider.

Radio Tower #2

Radio Tower #2 Dying Light 2

  • Area – Shipyard.
  • What areas does it work for – Muddy Grounds and the Shipyard.

You can visit this area on your own if you are a Peacekeeper. If you are a Night Runner, the quest will lead you here. Once there, climb the tower and activate it.

Radio Tower #3

Radio Tower #3 Dying Light 2

  • The area is Houndfield.

You can reach the radio tower by using the yellow beams or hooks. Once you reach the top, turn on the panel to make it work. It covers Trinity, Horseshoe, Quarry End, and Houndfield.

Radio Tower #4

Radio Tower #4 Dying Light 2

  • Area – Business Center.
  • What areas it works for – New Down Park and Business Center, Horseshoe, Quarry End, and Houndfield.

To get to the skyscraper with the drop off, you need to find an elevator, which will take you to the porch. You then need to utilize the paraglider to jump towards the air stream. From there you can already jump to the next roof, where the tower can be activated.

Radio Tower #5

Radio Tower #5 Dying Light 2

  • The area is Lower Dam Air.

St. Paul Island and Lower Dam Air are the areas serviced by this antenna. To find it, go behind the structure where the army cargo is located. The easiest way to get there is by paragliding.

Radio Tower #6

Radio Tower #6 Dying Light 2

  • Area – Newly Acquired Lost Lands.
  • What areas works for – Flooded Area and Newly Acquired Lost Lands.

The area is literally crawling with monsters, so you must be extremely cautious here. Look south on the map and follow the coast to the west.

Using a paraglider will make it much easier to get through. It can be used to climb up the metal structures right up to the block that needs to be activated.

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